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HDMI explained

HDMI explained

HDMI means High-Definition Multimedia Interface, is a compact all in one video and audio

cable which can transfer uncompressed video and audio data.   HDMI replaces the old analog cables.   HDMI cables are capable of transmitting any TV or PC video format, including high definition and 3D signals.   Almost all TV’s come with several HDMI connections on the back these days, same with most components that need to plugged into your new flat screen TV (eg DVD players, Blu-ray, Foxtel, video cameras etc)

HDMI explained

There are a lot of versions these days (v1.3, 1.3c, 1.4, 1.4c).   As you can see there are lots of versions available and as you can imagine the latest version out is going to be the most expensive but not really a necessity.

Due to the confusion with the above naming, the HDMI Licensing Organisation have changed the names of of the HDMI cables to lessen the confusion.

HDMI explained

The new names are:

  • High Speed with Ethernet
  • High Speed
  • Standard with Ethernet
  • Standard Automotive

But do we actually need the lastest and greatest?   For most people who are connecting a blu-ray player to their plasma screen tv the “high speed” will be sufficient.   A High Speed HDMI cable will even transmit 3D from your blu-ray player, but a “standard” HDMI cable is not capable of transmitting 3D.

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